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Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cosmetic Surgery Consultant to the Stars Cindy Jackson five beauty tips .

She is in the record books for undergoing more cosmetic surgery procedures than any one else in history . But these days the stunning blonde is the  World's only extreme self -make over and Cosmetic Surgery consultant to the stars, Cindy Jackson shares her five beauty tips.

1. Face  Regular exfoliation makes skin glow by getting rid of dead surface cells and reviving up circulation . But beware of toxic and cruel products, I never apply chemicals or bad Kama to my skin, my products are not animal tested . Try advanced microdermabrasion  and Vitamin  enriched moisturiser EnrichedMoisturise              r

2 Body . For an overnight spa moisturising treatment at home. Exfoliate first then coat yourself in organic coconut oil ( available online  or in health shops) and sleep in cotton pyjamas . Once a month massage the oil into your hair and scale , cover with a shower cap and sleep with a wooly hat for a deep  heat treatment . In the morning wash your hair as usual and be amazed at the shine.

3 Teeth, throw away the dental floss and get a Waterpik Waterflosser ( APhillips Sonicare High Tech Toothbrush is the one I  use ) You will be amazed at what still lurks in your teeth even after the most thorough brushing . Brush with baking soda once or twice a week to exfoliate your teeth .

4 Grooming My hight definition mirror is the most precise  mirror on the planet and must have for applying make up to perfection  .It is also great for travel as it will stick to most smooth surfaces. (Recommended by Good Housekeeping 2013 Issue )

5 For an instant face lift , Smile ! it will make you feel and look good. 
Cindy's book  "Living doll "is available and he must have book   Image & Cosmetic Surgery secrets  also available at 

Copyright Steven R Smith 

Sally Farmiloe Nevilles charity Summer Party in aid of Yes for Life Say no to cancer.

Sally Farmiloe Neville with Writer and beauty expert Cameron Yorke  centre and Hube Warshta at Le Durbin Boutique Salon

Great evening last night as actress. writer and socialite  Sally Farmiloe  Neville  hosted her Summer party in aid of "Yes for life " at La Durbin Salon on Fulham Palace road.  Sally who has  recently  fought  off breast cancer, looked stunning , and was on hand to host the auction. Along with `"Hello  `Hello star Vicky Michelle , Coronation Street star  Debbie Arnold,  Downton Abbey cook Mrs Patmore Lesley Nicole and host of other stars.

Yes for life is a charitable initiative to open up a positive future for people with cancer in the UK by supporting an integrative approach to cancer care.

Sponsorship for the evening was the amazing must have health drink Skinade. Sally has been taking it for a few moths now and  was raving about it and sure helped my hangover this morning. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen , Vitamin C . MSM  Vitamin B it has everything to hold back the hands of time .

Me with Vicky Michelle copyright Steven R Smith 

Copyright Steven R Smith

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vitamin E Skin Booster

Vitamin E Skin Booster by Holistic Dad follow him on Face Book

Putting your hair up does not have to be a drag part 1

It's Wimbledon next week and  hopefully Summer is  officaily here, loads of   the ladies  and a few men with  longer hair will be  rushing to put  it up, some to give you  a more  elegant look, or just to keep you cooler and scrape your hair off your face. and out of the way whilst still looking good.  Either way you do not have to go to lots of bother to get the right hair up, and its easy to do your self here are some handy hints.

1 Always have your number one must have brush at the ready. Mason and Pearson   .  This will allow you brush the hair smoothly and tightly to help before you grip the hair in place. Or brush out your hair in readiness for styling your hair into an update .  It is a little more expensive than your average brush at £70.36  but a well worth beauty buy.

2 Buy hair bungees 
Do not put elastic bands in your hair to create a pony tail, it can cause breakage , use hair bungees kinder for the hair and easier to use.

Tuck the  loose tail hair under and pin with a Kirby Grip  or two in either direction to create  a perfect add and accessory  to make a fab style

Friday, 14 June 2013

Top five beauty tips from Sue Moxely Super Star singer and one of the UK's greatest make-up artist.

I have had the honour of working with some amazing and multi talented make-up artist in my time, one who stands at the forefront is Sue Moxley , now part of the  singing duo Rich &Famious. The former model turned make-up artist , has  now wowed us with her incredible voice. My time with her she was just an artist with the  make-up  she really knew about looking good whilst staying natural . or ultra 
glamourise for the right occasion. Here she shares her top five beauty tips. 

1 Home made Face masks are just as good as many in the shops, Example 1 Egg white and 1 Table spoon of greek yogurt mixed together will soothe moisturise and tighten your skin and is suitable for all skin types.

2 Use multifunction products such as lipstick and blusher in one to save time and money.

3 A must in beauty  invest in a magnifying mirror great for plucking eye brows and applying your make-up try Cindy Jackson's

4 If you run out of cleanser or make-up wipes try baby wipes much cheaper they are great at getting the make up off.

5 Buy a home gel kit for your nails available at Argos and on Amazon, Nailene Kit is about the 70 pounds but will last a year instead of ~£25 every time you visit the salon .

Sue Moxely and David Van Day's  Rich and Famous  album  is available on Rich &Famous
Sue's own range of make-up    
Copyright Steven R Smith 


Me and Sue Moxely  Copyright Steven Smith 

Copyright Steven Smith

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The health drink that makes you look and feel great Coconut Juice

 The drink of choice for celebrities , and health enthusiasts  world over. 

10 Reasons Why Coconut Water is Good For You
  1. It has absolutely no cholesterol – this is in addition to being a low-calorie drink.
  2. Coconut water is identical to blood plasma. In World War II and even today in very rare cases in countries, coconut water has saved lives by being used as an intravenous hydration fluid instead of the standard IV fluid.
  3. Despite being naturally sweet, it is extremely low in sugars.
  4. It is low in sodium compared to energy drinks and high in chloride compared to sports drinks.
  5. Regulates and controls the body’s temperature and boosts the immune system.
  6. It boosts your metabolism, which is an important step in a person’s weight loss process.
  7. It is a natural isotonic beverage i.e. is the perfect drink to rehydrate your body and replenish lost electrolytes.
  8. It cleanses and settles the digestive tract by actively killing intestinal worms that makes for easier digestion and less chances of digetsive illnesses.
  9. Coconut water controls vomiting making it extremely important for those suffering from ailments that cause vomiting like typhoid, malaria or fevers.
  10. In case you haven’t noticed a distinct connection between the last few benefits –coconut water is an excellent drink for hangovers

Sally Farmiloe Neville New Hot Gossip Look .

lovely mention on Sally Farmiloe Neville  new hair cut and colour , in  it was a pleasure doing , it really suits
her and so glad it's growing back even thicker.  Every one says how it works for  her , it was a pleasure creating the new look for very Sharon Stone we think. Glad she  she is doing so well after what must have been a  hard year for her,

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I will be walking the run way on September the 6th

 Steven's walks the walk in Catwalk 4 change September 6th

Please all get behind me for Catwalk 4 change , supports Mind ,McMcMilllan nurses, buy a ticket and see me laugh or support me show that even i can  can strut it down the run way.
Thanks Angel Sinclair for the opportunity

Time to find a new hairdresser ?

Is it time to find a new hairdresser?  even stars can have a bad hair day or make a mistake with a hair cut ,style colour . Whilst Alesha hair shone on Britain's  Got Talent  and she gave us  magnitude of stunning looks  Poor Amanda Holden the nations sweetheart  hair began to resemble Baby Jane Hudson .  Showing us that no matter how famous you are it doe's not guarantee that your going to look your best, we can all make mistakes with our looks but  how do you find the right hair stylists?

There are some golden rules for picking a hair dressers .  

Don't  ever walk into a salon on a whim for a new look or any service. 

Do go to a salon for a consultation before taking on a new hairdresser /colourist, go to several different salon's until your comfortable that you have found the right person. Even then may be an idea just to have  trim the first time around get aquatinted with them before having a style change. 

Don't take a recommendation from some one who has not got hair similar to you.

Do go to make -up department of the large stores  in your area and look at the make-up ladies hair they usually  can tell you who is the best around , again ask the lady with the hair nearest to you. 

Don't ever cut your hair or colour because your in a mood, good chance you will wake the next day in  much worse one when you look in the mirror.

Do try on wigs if you fancy changing your hair see how a new colour or cut may suit you. 

Don't be a hair slut try and stay faithful to the same cutter /colourist who know your hair best. Going to different people all the time does not keep you current it is most likely just never going to make you happy. As one of my dear clients said recently "I would either cheat on my husband than cheat on you dear "  
Do make sure that your hairdresser is going to be around for a while nothing worse than going back to find them gone.   

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Botox is great in the hands of an artist , but beware !!!!

In my opinion it is shocking when I hear of beauticians , nurses or anyone but a fully qualified doctor taking a needle and injecting Botox into  another persons face I have even heard of people ordering it from the net and doing it to themselves ( Doing your own filling jumps to mind.)

   It is an art form and not to be undertaken by anyone who has not taken a degree in medicine, it's not a vitamin B shot. or a tetanus, it needs to be crafted to your individual need.

Recently a friend of mine who never seems to be able to tell me if the man he  goes to is or is not a doctor , commented on a photograph "Oh they have airbrushed me way to much " no!!! he had been over botoxed  and his face was starting to look like a  mask.

Botox is amazing for all sorts of things such as headaches , sweat problems, and making you look fresh again. But your face shape has to be taken into consideration, if your asset is your beautiful big eyes but your forehead is quite lined over botoxing the frown lines can droop your eyes and make you look tired ,you need to sit down with a doctor and consider the options.

If your are an actress or model who needs her expression for their living  you could combine Botox and acupuncture and light  filler , but could you imagine handing that desion  over to your local nurse or beautician. Many studio's in Hollywood have band actors having botox as it simply leaves them looking flat facially on screen .

Really consider your choices, (again this is only my opinion) a practise that charges per area I would avoid. Would you only have the sides of your hair cut.? Go to some who charges you one set price and  balances your face. Botox can do wonders in the right hands.

Anti ageing with Doctor Jeya Prakash

People look after their cars better than they do themselves i  often find, you need to give your body an MOT even more or you wont  be driving down the high way of life for long, and i am so glad I recently  did.

 For the last five years I have been feeling tired, sluggish and just not myself. Often in the afternoon, despite a hectic schedule, the need to lie down would be almost overwhelming. Flu-like symptoms with abdominal pains are a regular occurrence in my life. My G.P. put it all down to having had glandular fever in my early thirties, and told me it was something I just had to live with.

 Whilst in India, I met Doctor Prakash, who suggested a visit to his Harley Street clinic to undertake his anti ageing treatment would help. Both of us having such busy schedules, however, it was almost a year before I found myself sitting in stylish office. The first thing he suggested was that I had some blood work done to check my hormone levels and look at various other health areas. Having had more blood tests than I care to remember – all of which pointed to my glandular fever - I was a little sceptical and the prospect of yet another test did not thrill me. But there was nothing to it and it only took a few minutes.

 A week later I was back for the first of my results. Mr Prakash has a kindly air about him but I could see he seemed a little concerned. " My goodness,” he said, “you are so stressed out. I have never seen a result like it.” I immediately came out in a cold sweat, fearing I had only weeks to live! But to my relief – and on only my second visit Mr Prakash - he had got to the root of my problem. I had Adrenal Fatigue, brought on by not coping with stress. My cortisone level, which drives the stress gland and protects the body against its ill-effects, was one of the lowest he had ever seen. Despite my sunny disposition, and determinedly looking on the bright side, I was slowly collapsing under the weight of stress inside. Mr Prakash prescribed Adrenplus – 300, a mix of vitamins and Adrenal supplement, and said I should take one a day. He also advised me on a new diet and suggested I do more resistance exercise. But his Meditation and yoga would help with this, and help me learn to relax.

 "You have been too busy looking after everyone else, Steven, it’s time to look after your body,” he told me. He went on to explain that my body was like a kettle, but there was no putting vitamin supplements or medication in if the sides of the kettle were not well and truly sealed, as everything would just fall out. The sides on my kettle were wide open because of stress and only relaxation and breathing would help me seal it. Five days later, I’ve been doing meditation tapes, taking my supplements and following my diet (coming soon). I am a long way from feeling like I did in my twenties but, just three days into Dr Prakash’s regime, I’ve found that, for the first time in years, I’ve not felt the need to take an afternoon nap.
Copyright Steven Smith

 Doctor Prakash 112 Harley Street London W1G 7JQ020 7224 1622

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Steven supports Models of Diversity

Time for change on the Cat walk and in the magazines. Angel Sinclair showed me how her and director of Photography James Lyon can turn even me into a model.

 Angel Sinclair, founder Where are the models of colour? The larger models? The shorter models? The less able models? The older models? Models of Diversity advocates for more diversity in models, and demands that the fashion and marketing industries recognise the beauty in women of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Our mission is to change the face of fashion and modelling.

We sponsor modelling workshops for people with disabilities, campaign against the tragic effects of the size zero culture, and fight inequality in the representation of real men and women. We look at catwalk shows, advertising and the glossies and rarely see a true representation of real people. MoD uses top agency standard models because not just anyone can be a model; a successful model must have a special beauty, confidence, professionalism and artistic awareness. However, we reject the notion that only a very narrow range of ages, races, shapes and abilities are marketable. Angel Sinclair, the founder of Models of Diversity and Sinclair Model Management, is a former model herself; she started the campaign after appearing on Gok's Miss Naked Beauty in 2008. Angel was struck by the great variety of beautiful women participating in the event and how that contrasted with the narrow range we see in the fashion industry.

That's when she decided, with Sally Williams, her co-founder, to promote the use of models that reflects diversity in society, in terms of race, shape, age and ability. So we campaign at fashion events, hold street surveys, offer workshops, promote our models in the media and vibrantly use social networking websites. We know from our surveys that the public is in favour of more diversity, so our ambition is to change how the fashion industry thinks, and responds to the needs of the fashion-buying public

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : Legendary Star Jilly Johnson five little beaut...

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : Legendary Beauty Jilly Johnson five little beaut...: Timeless beauty Jilly Johnson always turns head where ever she goes, and she seems never to age. At the resent Wet Nose awards http://www...

Legendary Star Jilly Johnson five little beauty secrets.

 Steven Smith with the beautiful Jilly Johnson copyright Steven R Smith 
Timeless beauty Jilly Johnson always turns head where ever she goes, and she seem's never to age. At the resent Wet Nose awards, Jilly model, actress , author and I caught up. Here she shares five top beauty secrets, Each month a different star will be giving us top-tips.

 1.Once a month , wash your hair in Fairy Liquid to strip detergents….makes my  hair shiney, full of body!

 2. Dish washer salt is my version of delux body exfoliant.

 3. Save money on supermarket lipstick/blushers/eyeshadows(they are basically same as designer
brands in my opinion )...use money on pure/sophisticated moisturiser.

 4. Wear overnight cotton gloves/socks after moisturiser for maximum effect

 5. Continually suck in and tighten tummy and pelvic floor at all times (exercise without even noticing) it will soon become habit.

Copyright Steven R Smith

Monday, 3 June 2013

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : Summer beauty tips Eye lash tint

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : Summer beauty tips Eye lash tint: Hurray Summer is hear , or at the very least the sun smiled on me for thirty seconds. But I am sure many will be off to sunnier climates ...

Summer beauty tips Eye lash tint

Hurray Summer is here , or at the very least the sun smiled on me for thirty seconds. But I am sure many will be off to sunnier climates and want to look your best. One beauty secrets that is a must for those ladies with fairer eye lashes is to have them tinted, it's even one for the fella's Having your lashes tinted ( try blue black for those with blue eyes bring's the blue out) will make them thicker and bring that gleam in your eyes out, and you'll always look good after a swim. Cost between £10- £25 depending. make sure you have a 24 hour patch test the first time having this treatment done to make sure you are not allergic . .