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Thursday, 12 February 2015


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OVER THE LAST few years I have become something of an expert in anti-ageing. I've researched and written about all the new lotions, potions and treatments that claim to turn back the hands of time - I've even travelled to mystical India to explore anti-ageing clinics. But, from vampire facelifts to stem cell rejuvenation, there's just so much on the market you'd need to live to a grand old age to try it all out.

My most exciting discovery started when I met a friend, in South Kensington one bright sunny afternoon. She was full of beans and pointed excitedly to her face. My friend is a natural beauty and always looks well but she did look particularly youthful that day. As she showed me a small bruise on the inside of her arm, looking around furtively to make sure nobody was eavesdropping, she whispered: “I've just had the most amazing treatment done.”

She went on to tell me that this new treatment would revolutionize anti-ageing. But, frustratingly, she refused to let me in on the secret, saying I had to wait until the official launch and that she'd make sure I got an invite. With that, she took off, looking totally fabulous and leaving me wondering what on earth this new wonder treatment could be.

A month later, I was invited to the launch  of a clinic offering the NAD+

There were no signs of any potions, nor were there any anticipation mounted, we wondered what this new treatment could be. One chap who was clearly in on the secret, told me it had changed his life. When I asked if it was a form of botox, he was less than forthcoming: “Wait till they explain; you’ll want it done,” he whispered.

At that point, Doctor took the floor to introduce NAD+. Dr Willis, who started his career as research scientist before moving into trauma and substance abuse, explained that it was ultimate anti-ageing treatment; a co-enzyme that decreases as we get older, when we are ill or do not take care of ourselves. He made clear it wasn't to be confused with the highly publicized vitamin therapy, or Myers cocktail, that the tabloid press claim the likes of Simon Cowell and Rihanna use, which just flush toxins from the body.

In fact, NAD+ had been shown to have reversed the biological clocks of mice in laboratory experiments and had helped people suffering from a range of serious illnesses, including Alzheimer’s, diabetics, and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as slowing the ageing effect in older people. For others who were simply coping with a hectic schedule at home and work, it had made them look and feel better. As this was my third event of the week, and I was feeling rather exhausted, it sounded pretty appealing.

NAD - stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide - isn't actually a new treatment but was discovered as far back as 1909 by three British biochemists. In the 1960s doctors in the US started to use NAD with some success to aid patients suffering with addictions and it is now used in many substance clinics here and in the US.

In December of last year, Harvard University, The National Institutes of Health, MIT, and the University of New South Wales published a joint study into reversal of the ageing process in mice and published the results in the prestigious science journal Cell. BBC News and many other news media hailed the results as the most important breakthrough yet in age reversal.

My tendency to burn the candle at both ends - and the middle – and hitting the gym five times a week was beginning to take a toll on me as I entered my fifties. I didn't want to go down the route of human growth hormone treatment that many in the US and Britain do for fear of side effects, but I definitely did not want to lose my youthful looks and energy. So I had no hesitation in agreeing to the course of anti-ageing NAD+ therapy.

One of the first things to stress is that NAD + is not a quick fix: you have to dedicate time and patience to it. Given intravenously through the hand or arm, you'll need between four and ten sessions, held closely together, with top-ups throughout. Each session can take up to four hours, but this will decrease as your body becomes used to it, which will allow the drip to speed up.

On my first visit, I had a chat with the doctor and explained what I hoped to get out of the treatment. He was very sure that I would see at least some results almost immediately. I was then taken to a room where I sat in a comfy chair as a nurse checked my blood pressure. She inserted a needle into a vein in the front of my hand – which I'm happy to say was painless – and started the NAD+ drip with an in initial does of 500ml. The fluid was covered with a red bag to prevent the sunlight affecting its strength.

I asked about side effects and was told that I might feel light-headed or perhaps experience a tightening in my chest. Some people suffer what's described as a “dump day” after treatment, where they feel tired and a little down in the dumps as the body tries to fight off the co-enzyme that has been injected into its system. However, this passes as the course of treatment progresses.

Among those at the clinic having treatment were a man suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes who had travelled from Malaysia. He was so impressed with the outcome he extended his stay in London. Another patient with addiction problems said NAD+ had “saved his life.”

As the NAD+ dripped down into me, I did feel lightheaded but was also very relaxed. I felt a little out of breath a few times but it passed and the four hours were over remarkably quickly. I enjoyed an immediate feeling of wellbeing although an hour later was overcome with feelings of tiredness and sadness. This escalated through the night and was still affecting me in the morning. By lunchtime, I was feeling very disappointed with how my first session had turned out.

The clinic rang that day to check on my progress and I was honest with them. But they explained about “dump days” and urged me to stay the course and turn up the next day. Meanwhile, later in the day, a friend asked me if I had been at the botox, or had some brilliant facial because I was looking so good. And when I looked carefully in the mirror, I saw that my skin looked fabulous. So I decided I would go ahead with the second treatment.

This time I could actually feel my skin getting pumped and my body felt stronger as I sat in the chair. There was still the feeling of light-headiness and some tightness of the chest, though, and I wasn't totally convinced about having a third session. A friend joked that simply putting in a saline drip would pump out the face. Was it just a case of the Emperor's new clothes, I wondered, or was something really happening here?

But then I saw the impact on a young man suffering from addiction who was being treated at the same time as me. He had arrived at the clinic looking as though he had not slept for days, with grey skin and bloodshot eyes. It was astounding as I watched as his skin return to a healthy colour and his red eyes go sparkling white within the space of the four hours.

I knew then that there was something to NAD+. This time after my treatment I was still tired but my skin and hair felt great. Another patient who was losing his hair told me it had grown back - and the grey was disappearing.

By the fourth treatment, my barber asked what had I been doing to my hair – was I colouring the sides on the sly? “Of course not!” I protested – but sure enough, the grey was disappearing and my hair was beginning to look and feel as it had when I was thirties.
My performance in the gym was also improving - I was lifting heavier weights and had more stamina. I was sleeping better and felt more focused, and people kept asking if I'd been on holiday.

For the fifth session, the dose was upped to 1000ml. The lady next to me was on the same does and told me the arthritis in her hands had all but disappeared and the dark circles under her eyes were fading.

By the sixth session, something astonishing happened to me – my fear of heights, which I've suffered all my life, started to decrease.The clinic told me it was quite common for the treatment to help with phobias and anxiety and that for some patients they disappeared altogether. The tiredness went, I slept well in the evening and felt relaxed and clear headed during the day.

So, is this the holy grail of anti-ageing? That would be a bold statement to make but, from my experience, I can definitely say that it has made me look and feel younger and fitter. It does not come cheap –  if it works, then surely it's better than spending money on an endless succession of lotions, potions and diets that don't have any lasting effect?

END Copyright Steven Smith

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