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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Actress Denise Welsh hosting Dancing in the streets  in aid of the Gem Appeal
with dashing son actor Louie Healy and artist husband Lincoln Townley

It was all “Dancing in the Streets” in Manchester on Saturday night, as the annual Denise Welch Charity ball kicked off in The Marquee at the historic, Old Trafford Football Club.

This is the 14th year the  actress has  hosted the ball and the north’s biggest stars turned out along with Manchester’s high society crowd as they joined Denise to raise funds for the GEM appeal. The actress has been a patron of the charity for 19 years and it is very close to her heart.

Denise Welch takes to the stage to host the 14th annual ball for the Gem appeal she is presented with a gift form the charity by Karen Johnson the chairman of the charity 

GEM – genetics, enzymes, metabolics – was founded in 1994 by Karen Johnson, who recently won a Pride of Britain award. She founded the charity after being approached by Consultant Paediatrician Dr Ed Wraith, who asked her to raise money to help fund the disorder that her two sons, Simon and Mike, were dying from.

At that time there was no treatment and no hope for children diagnosed with these rare genetic disorders and very little research work was being done.

Along with Ed and a few other likeminded parents and health professionals, the fundraising began and The GEM Appeal was born.

The fundraising began in earnest and by 1999 the first £250,000 had been raised from a number of different events, mainly in the north west of England. Before long, the research was under way in a laboratory named after Karen’s sons and progress was rapid and successful.

Sadly, Karen’s sons both died around this time but the research work brought hope to other families, as trials of enzyme replacement therapy became available to others, with promising results.

Karen's sons Simon and Mike 

As the years went by, other fundraising supporters came on board and the GEM Appeal trustees and committee in Rochdale spearheaded the fundraising drive. Denise and her former husband, veteran actor Tim Healy, became staunch supporters and have contributed enormously to the success of the appeal by gathering support from other stars and celebrities from the world of TV.

The evening was organised by Julia Arnold and her amazing team at Entertainment Today, the leading events company in the North. The partygoers were welcomed with a glittering champagne reception, followed by a five star dinner as go-go dancers in huge platform heels boogied to seventies music.

Singing senstaion Gwen Dickey with Gem appeal chairman Karen Johnson
Julie  Arnold  organiser  of the ball   with Lincoln Townley . Denise with father Vin Welch . lincoln Townley with actor John Tompson 

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with the handsome former Coronation Street star Scott Wright singing Stevie Wonder’s Superstition followed by stars from the seventies headlined by Gwen Dickey, the R&B artist and lead singer of the band Rose Royce, and including the legendary Real Thing, Roy G Hemmings and The Dictionary of Soul.

left Handsome Scott Wright kicked off the evening, partying with Bafta award winning writer Darren Little and X Factor winner  Shayne  Ward 

Singer  Actor Scott Wright and his stunning girlfriend Danielle  Roland.

Needless to say, that had the celebrity-packed audience on their feet dancing and the Real Housewives of Cheshire were on hand to add extra glamour. Dawn Ward and Ampika Pickston were on good form and looked stunning.

Real Housewives of Cheshire star  the beautiful Ampika Pikston with me. 
Stunning Real Houswives of Cheshire star stunning Dawn Ward and Physic to the stars Katie Keely Medium 

Heartthrob Shayne Ward had all the ladies - and a few lads – lining up for a picture. The X Factor winner is proving his acting skills in Coronation Street and joined fellow cast member Alan Hassal, aka Tyrone Dobbs, for the evening. 

Denise was there with her artist husband Lincoln Townley, her dad Vin Welch (who out-danced most of us) and her son, actor Louie Healy. Lincoln and Denise had just returned from Los Angeles, where Lincoln’s artwork has become a ‘must have’ for many Hollywood stars.

Also in attendance were Denise’s actress friends from the original Loose Women, Jane MacDonald, Lisa Maxwell and Jackie Brambles who joined  Denise on stage to sing along for the big finale with The Real Thing  singing "You to me are everything .

Singing sensation and former loose Women  Jane MacDonald 
Irish singer  and actress wonderful  Rose-Marie danced the night away with friend Janice  Middleton 

After a brilliant night, everyone left with a goody bag filled with treats, including my favourite - a bottle of Hyalual UK AquaLual meltwater. 

There were some amazing auction prizes and the celebrity crowd was hugely generous for this great cause. I’m not how much was raised but I’ll keep you posted.

 END  Copy right Steven Smith 

Sunday, 8 November 2015



Last Thursday I joined London's beautiful people at the third anniversary of the capital’s Buddha-Bar.
Stunning Rhea Elliot Jones at the 3rd Birthday party for Buddha  -Bar sponsored by
My gorgeous friend, PR to the stars and event organiser Rhea Elliot-Jones, invited me as a guest of the sponsors, Ghost Vodka, one of her many top clients.  
Fabulous Chilli Vodka cocktails with Ghost Vodka 

It was certainly the party of the week, as the glittering clientele sipped on five star cocktails with a Ghost Vodka base, serenaded by violin players and entertained by exotic belly dancers.

Third Birthday party of Buddha-Bar London 

The unique vodka bottles on display became a talking point as people lined up for shots – they’d make a stylish addition to any Christmas party and I can see them being kept as elegant ornaments long after the tinsel has been taken down.

Ghost Vodka is a uniquely British ultra-premium vodka, distilled in the picturesque surroundings of the English countryside. The distillery stands on the site of an old Victorian salt mine and there are ghostly tales of strange happenings there when construction was underway, with workers hearing howls and screams as they lay terrified in their beds.

With the beautiful designer  Gemma Roe and  the stunning Rhea Elliot Jones .

All is serene now, however. The real spirit, it seems, was Ghost Vodka.

The bottle comes in three designs – a Union Jack skull as a homage to Ghost’s proud British heritage; elegant gold and silver; and an intriguing black gloss bottle and aluminium skull.
Party Goers celebrate Buddha-bars 3rd Birthday with Ghost Vodka 

At the third anniversary party, there were only the high spirits of the guests – and my chilli vodka martini was to die for!


Copyright Steven Smith 
Rhea Elliot events

Friday, 6 November 2015


                Coming soon a review on what could be the biggest buzz word in fitness in years. Arginoline 

Arginoline  may help

lower blood pressure 

Relieve Angina 

Prevent blood clots 

Improve circulation

Strengthen the immune system

Balance hormonal activity 

Improving sexual function.
Arginoline also  helps  Improves muscle mass
One of the most significant risk factor of disability in old age is muscle degeneration (Sarcopenia). Depletion of muscle mass leads to a weakening of the muscles and increase the risk of falls, fractures and injuries. In addition to aerobic exercise for building and strengthening muscle mass it is important to follow a proper diet.

Daily L-Arginine can increase the rate of metabolism in the muscles, preventing the depletion and even increase muscle mass, improve glucose metabolism and improve blood circulation significantly.

People who engage in Intensive physical exercise are exploiting the feature of L-Arginine to expedite tissue growth by increasing protein synthesis to increase muscle mass. Using L-Arginine combined with exercise also reduces body fat.

Arginoline is a unique product that allows taking a large amount of concentrated liquid L-Arg

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Artist Marina Alyabusheva helps Wear it for Autism .

Wear it for Autism mask by Marina Alyabusheva 

 A Big Thank-you to the talented artist Marina Alyabusheva for her support with Anna Kennedy on Lines  charity event "Wear it for Autism" on October the 4th 2015. Her stunning hand crafted masks were a huge hit at the event model artist Marina masks at "Wear if for Autism"  

Marina is the mother to the international star- actress Olga Kurylenko best know in the UK for her role in the James Bond movie- Quantum of Solace where she  starred along side actor Daniel  Craig. 

Artist  Marina Alyabusheva with her daughter  Olga Kurylenko former Bond Girl.

 . Marina says her art works are examples of so called art therapy giving healing through creativity.Marina says different types of art therapy-or art psychology-corresponds to various art forms and its array of techniques are virtually limitless.

Model Samantha Tomlin wears artist Marina Alyabusheva mask.

Marin had her first exhibition in London in February this year at the  MacDouglas Gallery in St Jame's London . The stars turned out to support her and included her daughter Olga who  found her mothers work inspiring 

Event "Wear it for Autism " by
Mask pictures by Terry Scott
additional pictures of Marina and Olga by

The evening held at the Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge was the third year the charity

The evening was hosted by Uxbridge resident Anna Kennedy OBE, who has spent her life campaigning for autismevent had been held. 
The third annual Wear It For Autism event took place on Sunday (October 4) at The Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge.
The evening was hosted by Uxbridge resident Anna Kennedy OBE, who has spent her life campaigning for autism charities, and presented by Denise Welch, Jane Moore, Richard Mylan and Caprice.
Individuals living with autism, who were selected during a judging process earlier in the year, took to the catwalk to share their stories, from grandparents, to carers and teachers and teaching assistants.

The winner of Wear It for Autism by Anna Kennedy on line. picture by Terry Scott.