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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Five Beauty Tips from Dr Ioannis Liakas of Vie Aesthetics, the UK’s leading pioneer in soft surgery.
Dr Ioannis Liakas with Steven Smith 

By Steven Smith

It sometimes seems that people with no more than a week’s course in beauty are able to inject vulnerable clients, something surely that only a fully qualified doctor, nurse or dentist should be allowed to do.

So it was a great pleasure when beauty writer Jenny Essex introduced me to Dr Liakas and his wife Vicky. Dr Liakas is a member of the British Council of Aesthetic medicine, and an honorary senior lecturer at Queen Mary medical school he is also and N.H,S consultant.

He is also a leading practitioner in the new revolutionary soft surgery, which in many cases means it is no longer necessary to go under the knife – and the recovery time is a matter of hours rather weeks.

Vicky runs the business from their beautiful practice in Southend -on-sea with expertise and enthusiasm. The former teacher and university lecturer formed the company five years ago and champions her husband’s unique skills and expertise. Dr Liakas has a wonderful way with patients, swiftly putting them at ease and dispelling any worries they might have. 

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Following on from the success of their Southsea practice, the couple have launched their latest venture In Harley Street, after high demand from overseas and in the central London area. I catch up with them at their Southsea practice to discover their top six beauty tips.
Beautiful clinic in Southsea 

1. One of the most important tips in beauty is drinking water. Try to drink at least one to two and half litres a day – it’s the first thing you should do when you wake in the morning and also last thing at night. You can add lemon to give more taste and it also helps detox the liver. Keep a bottle beside your bed in case you wake up thirsty – we lose a lot of moisture overnight and may wake up at any point dehydrated.

Buy a good water filter so you don’t have to spend a fortune on bottled water. Tap water should be avoided because it tends to be high in toxins. You’ll notice the difference after using a filter if you try tap water again.

It can be hard to remember to drink as much as you should, particularly if you are having a busy day, so try setting a timer on your phone to remind you. Also replace high caffeinated drinks with green tea or white tea when possible.

2 To make your aesthetic treatments last longer avoid sunbeds and opt for spray tans instead. If you must use them, be sure to cover your face. You should also use a high sunblock, at the very least a factor 30 on your face. Staying out of direct sunlight will not only help slow down the ageing process, it will also mean fewer trips for Botox and fillers. If you follow this rule young enough, you may not need either for a long time.

Avoid smoking at all costs. It not only stains the skin but also speeds up the ageing process and can ruin your treatment.

Do aim to get a good night’s sleep - at least six to eight uninterrupted hours a night. Try a few lavender oil drops on your pillow when you go to bed and try to sleep on your back, as it helps avoid wrinkles and folds in your skin. 


3 It is important to do your homework when choosing any treatment. These days it is not necessary to rush into a facelift or nose job or even full liposuction. So do your research.

For instance, at our clinic we offer Aqualyx-slimming injections, which can be combined with other sliming treatments to give amazing results. Clients can leave the same day with no more discomfort than a good work out. It’s a fraction of the price - and pain - of traditional liposuction. Or our soft surgery (PlexR) Eyelid- lift lets the client leave within the hour, with incredible results in just weeks.

So shop around and don’t rush into a pricey and often unnecessary treatment when there are excellent alternatives available.

4 Do not over-moisturise your face. The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be treated with great care. You really don’t need to use moisturiser more than once a day, and cleanse at night. Using too much can actually suffocate the skin and leave it looking tired and dull.

Use a moisturiser with good sun protection. Learn to massage your face, which will help improve the collagen of the skin. Move your fingers in circles upward from chin to forehead.

Use a natural make up that matches your skin tone and allows your skin to breathe – and has good sun protection. At the clinic we recommend Vichy Dermablend. Make sure you blend it into the neck too.

5 Have a motto - and use it! Mine is “I am already there”. The art of positive thinking can lift you and in turn make you look more radiant and beautiful.

Dr Ioannis Lianas

Vie Aesthetics at Toni&Guy
Unit 23
The Royals 
Southend -on -Sea
01702 617 176
Mobile 07899673578

Wednesday, 19 October 2016



Fitness expert Patrick Toplis is a celebrity trainer to the stars. Here he tells us how to travel and still eat healthily. 

A QUESTION I am often asked when training clients is “How do I maintain good nutrition whilst travelling?”

Many of us use travelling as an excuse to skip training or stuff ourselves with the sort of junk food we’d never normally eat. I'm not talking about your annual holiday; that’s only once a year – or twice if you’re lucky – and I say let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

No, it’s the business trips and weekends away that can take their toll if you let yourself go. It can all add up if you stray too far from your normal regime, preventing you from achieving your fitness goals. With a little forward planning, it’s perfectly possible to stick to a healthy eating plan no matter where you jet off to.

Even when you relax the rules on holiday, remember that if you have been maintaining a healthy diet for the rest of the year, an infusion of pizzas and pints cam come as a bit of a shock to the system. So ease yourself in to those holiday treats.

Here are my top tips for healthy eating while travelling.

1. Take snacks with you, the smaller the better. For example, quality protein bars, nuts, single serving meal replacement shakes, quality air dried beef or biltong. These are great for the plane or whenever you feel the urge to eat. Being prepared makes it less likely you will succumb to a burger or bag of crisps.

2. When dinning out, opt for a fillet steak, chicken breast (no skin) or fresh steamed fish with a side of veg/salad. There’s not a restaurant in the world that doesn’t have these on their menu, so it’s not that hard. Make sure that there is no sauce or salad dressing, as they can be packed with sugar and fat and can be very high in calories. Lemon and olive oil is a great healthy dressing for a salad.  

Patrick pre work out

3. For breakfast, order eggs. They can be served any way – apart from fried. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a great hotel, an egg white omelette (no cheese) served with vegetables can really set you up for the day. Have a piece of fruit to follow or save to have on the move later. Try to avoid constant cappuccinos unless they are made with unsweetened almond milk, and even then keep it to two a day. Have a much green tea as you like, it’s really refreshing and full of antioxidants.

The more frequently you travel, the better organised you will become. If you are a frequent traveller and you want to keep a healthy diet/maintain your physique you will have to adopt this protocol. 

4. Travelling by air the food is routinely of a poor standard in economy and not that healthy in business class. From 2017, short haul economy passengers on British Airways will be offered food from Marks & Spencer, but with sandwiches, crisps and Percy Pig sweets on the menu, it’s hardly a healthy option.

So take your own protein bars on board or prepare your own salads or favourite cold meal. Do make sure it doesn’tcontain too much liquid or security may not allow it through. My favourite is to drop in at Pret a Manger; most airports have a branch. Buy a great tuna or chicken salad and boiled eggs protein pot. If you buy a small cool bag the meal will stay chilled for several hours until you are ready to eat.

The most important thing of all when travelling is to drink water, as your body dehydrates on flights and while travelling in general. Make sure you consume at least two litres a day.  healthy food for on the go,


Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I KISSED AN APPRENTICE  AND I LIKED IT. Gorgeous Selina Waterman Smith with Doctor Shirin Lakhani

LOVE HER OR HATE HER, there can be no other contestant in the history of The Apprentice who has sparked more controversy than the stunning 32-year-old Selina Waterman-Smith.
The petite, curvy blonde refused to do the spin-off show, You’re fired! after leaving The Apprentice, accusing the producers of the hit BBC series of portraying her unfairly.  
Adopting the attitude “Don’t get mad, get even,” she instead opted to give her own version of events in an online video for her growing social media fanbase. 
 Since then, the Dubai-based businesswoman has become a tabloid darling, with The Mail n Online scrambling to snap her curves on exotic beaches around the world. With regular appearances on shows such as Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, her outspoken views are in big demand – there’s even a rumour of an appearance in the Jungle later this year.

Selina on last years The  Apprentice 

When I meet the five foot one inch reality star on a sunny day in London, she’s about to undergo two cosmetic procedures at the hands of celebrity doctor Shirin Lakhani. Rather than the podium dancing hell-raiser portrayed in the media, she has a gentle charm and seems a little nervous.
Is this her first aesthetic procedure, I ask. “No, though my breasts are my own,” she says, clasping her ample chest. But she’s nervous because the one time she did have work done – her lips – it ended in disaster. “I should always go with my gut feeling. If I did, I wouldn’t get into so much trouble,” she laughs.
She decided to have her lips enhanced in Dubai two years ago. "They weren’t bad but I just wanted to add a little more to them and even them out.”

Selina Gives the thumbs down to her old lips.

Right away she felt the doctor was not on the same page her. After several painful injections with what looked like overly-large needles, her lips were left swollen and bruised. They turned purple in colour but the doctor assured her it was all fine and the swelling would go down.
But after two weeks of healing, her lips looked awful. Far from being evened out, they looked far worse and were lumpy to touch.
“What do you do?” she shrugs. They are still not right but, as she’s fond of saying, “Don’t get mad, get even.”
Understandably, Selina is nervous of letting anyone near her lips again, fearing further complications. But a friend recommended DrShirin and Selina is hoping the problem can finally be sorted.
Dr Lakhani took one look and knew immediately what had gone wrong - the filler had been distributed unevenly, causing the lumps and uneven look. 
To rectify the problem, she could dissolve the old filler and then inject new filler, distributing it evenly this time. But Selina would have to wait two weeks for the new filler. Or she could fill the lips to even them out, as Selina was by now used to the few lumps inside her mouth.
Doctor Lakhani   

Selina opted for the top-up filler but, recalling her last experience, was worried about the pain. Dr Lakhani assured her that the filler she would use, TEOSYAL PEN, would give a much more comfortable experience. "I am a huge fan of the pen," Dr Lakhani tells me. “It’s much less painful for my clients.”

The filler, RHA2, is also by Teosayl, which is based in Switzerland. It’s a soft filler that leaves the lips hydrated and natural looking. Selina could not get over how quickly her lips were done. 
During the treatment she was aware of the pen, and found it somewhat uncomfortable in places. But she found the procedure   reasonably pain free. “I almost hit the roof last time,” she tells me.
But the best ting of all was how amazing her lips looked – and without any recovery time! “They’re soft and moist-looking, you’d think I’ve got a gorgeous lip gloss on.”

Dr Lakhani is equally pleased with the result. “Much as the previous work on Selina’s lips had not been good, she does naturally have a slight unevenness to her mouth. But using the filler I was able to correct that and certainly by the second visit it should be perfect. Depending on lifestyle, it should last six months to a year.”
Red Carpet Selina Waterman Smith

Selina also had a Botulinum Toxin, Azzalure, injected into her forehead. Dr Lakhani tells me that as Selina has very few lines, she was just freshening up her forehead area with a few injections. “The Azzalure seems to give quicker results in my clients. It spreads more evenly and lasts longer than most botox treatments.”
Later, as she models for a photo assignment, Selina looks wonderfully refreshed and ready to take on anyone in the boardroom. “I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “I’ll definitely be flying over to see Dr Lakhani again,” she tells me.

Stunning Selina Waterman Smith

 Doctor Lackhani   
0758 206 1515

Copyright  Steven Smith 
do not lift ... 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Wendy Turner Webster’s Top 5 Beauty Tips

Wendy  Turner presents Crafty Beggars In The House! together with Julie Peasgood and they also work together on their Ready, Steady, Craft show on Create and Craft USA. 
In the UK you can catch Crafty Beggars on Community Channel – available on Sky, Virgin, Freeview etc. In fact ALL available television platforms!

1   1  If you wear make-up every day wash your brushes once a week using shampoo and conditioner. Cloggy brushes can result in your make up looking cloggy and dull.

2   2 Another tip for those who wear make up on a daily basis… at least once a week don’t put on any night cream products. It will be one of the few chances your skin actually gets to breathe.

  3 Prone to spots and blemishes? Of have you got teenagers with skin problems? Make sure you change the pillow cases every other night to help keep the skin clean.

   4 When you moisturise, don’t forget your neck! Amazing how easy it is just to concentrate on your face and not go below the jawline – but it’s your neck that will age first if left to its own devices!

5  5 If you’ve got unruly hair like mine and you’re on the go a lot it’s worth spending a few quid on a travel size hairdryer. My hair kinks and curls in all the wrong directions (especially in humid or rainy weather) and my teeny tiny hairdryer and barrel brush have often been invaluable. Of course a power socket is handy (OK, essential). Why can’t someone invent a hairdryer that runs on batteries?.  


  Steven Smith 



By guest writer Angela Simons 

BEAUTY MAY sometimes be only skin deep but having amazing skin is either genetic or something you really need to work at. Having struggled with my skin in my teens, and wanting to keep a youthful glow into my forties without resorting to the surgeon’s knife, I am always on the lookout for something new.

The buzzword of 2016 seems to be Glutathione. It’s a substance that is naturally produced by the liver and is also found in fruit, vegetables and in tuna, turkey and beef.

As well as giving a fantastic glow to your skin, Glutathione has many other health benefits. Studies show it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, lung disease, and it also helps boost the immune system. Over time, it can help whiten skin, it has great anti-ageing properties and can help repair damage to cells caused by stress. 

The supplement contains three amino acids - glycine, glutamate and cysteine. Many of these are found naturally in breast milk, often sought after by body builders and athletes. 

I discovered it when I saw a friend who’d been taking the amino acid by IV drip – her skin had such a glow and there was a real spring in her step that made her look years younger.

I really wanted to give it a go too. I have a sensitive stomach and pills usually do not work for me, but my budget certainly wouldn’t stretch to visits to an IV drip clinic, not with two teenage daughters bring up. So I hit Google and after a bit of research discovered that it was possible to take Glutathione by suppository. In fact, that’s a popular way to administer it in France and China. At £190 for 1500mg, it sounded a good option.

Glutathione is best taken overnight. Make sure your bowls are clear, then administer a small amount of lubricant (Vaseline or KY) and insert the suppository. It might sound a little unpleasant but honestly, it’s fine. Once that’s done, get ready for a good night’s sleep as your body soaks up the goodness.

It may have been psychosomatic, but I’m sure I slept better than I had in months the first time I used it. After five days using it every night, I began to notice the effect on my skin. A pal asked who was doing my facials, as my skin looked so amazing. 

At first I just laughed, but even my mum said a few weeks later that everything about me looked younger and fresher. You don’t need to do it every night – my best friend does every other night and still gets results. After a few months I might switch to doing that, but for now I am enjoying the quick results.

It can take a little time to get used to using suppositories but for me it quickly became part of my bedtime routine.

Being a vegetarian, perhaps my diet had been lacking, or maybe as a busy single mum I was a little run down, but everything about me feels better after using Glutathione. I let my mum in on the secret and she’s trying it too. It’s definitely worth the investment and it’s now my Number One beauty secret.

To order 

Copyright  Steven R Smith 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Angie Best My Five Beauty Tips

At the age of 64, Angie Best, the former Playboy bunny, model  and first wife of football legend George Best, does everything she can to stay healthy.

Angie was scouted to move to New York to model and later moved to Los Angeles to become a personal fitness trainer.
These days she feels that she has spent far too many years worrying about beauty and wrinkles and works more on inner beauty. She has one son, Calum Best .

Angie and dashing son Calum

1. First thing in the morning I have a glass of room temperature water, with juice from a lemon squeezed in. This has far too many health benefits to list, just trust me.

2. I don’t have tea in the morning, instead I have organic coffee with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil instead of milk. I gave up milk years ago when I discovered just what’s in it these days. The morals involved in dairy farming are not something I want to support. The coconut oil helps fight belly fat and is good for your heart.

3. Antioxidants - the anti-cancer fighters - are the reason I eat nothing but fruit til noon and also because fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach to fully utilise its nutritional value.  Pomegranates are the new superfoods, along with blueberries, which are good for your brain.

4. Of course, some beauty therapies come into play like my seasonal threading because, as my hormones change, I find my hair growing in the strangest places. 

Angie with son Calum at the gym

5. Finally, and probably best, is my seasonal IV drip because, as my longevity doctor in the States says, ‘keep your vitamin, hormone and mineral levels up and you can get old without the negative symptoms associated with ageing’. I'm all over that. 

Gorgeous Mother and son enjoy an IVBOOST  treatment

Don’t forget the most important factor - beauty comes from the inside, with a little help from Dr. Joshua Berkowitz at IVBOOSTUK.

Angie Best enjoys a Vitamin Drip at

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