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Friday, 13 January 2017



THREE YEARS AGO when working out at the gym I felt a sudden, searing pain in my right hand. My index finger became swollen and delicate to touch, which at first I put down to wearing new workout gloves or pulling something in my hand or arm. I mentioned it to one of the personal trainers at the gym but he said not to worry and that it would pass.

But a month passed and the pain was getting worse, particularly at night when I was lying down. I went to a doctor who suggested it was a strain of some kind and, like the personal trainer, told me not to worry about it. I was advised to take some painkillers and come back in another month if I was still suffering, at which point I would be referred to a hospital.

Two months later, it was no better. So I got a second opinion, which is when the issue of arthritis was raised. Apparently, it could be the result of my years of hairdressing - an idea that horrified me but which I discovered was not uncommon in the trade. My mother suffers arthritis in her hands too, so it could be heredity. 

What made matters worse was after x-raying my hands, the consultant confirmed the diagnosis and said my finger was literally crumbling! The one piece of good news is that the arthritis was not too advanced and the pain could be controlled with steroid injections and painkillers. But there wasn’t a lot that could be done to stop it developing in my other fingers or to halt its progress in my index finger.

I still do hair for special clients but it’s no longer my main line of work, so I don’t spend hours blowdrying every day. But my hands are still my livelihood as I am writing on the computer most days. I’m also a trained Reiki healer, so it was a devastating diagnosis.

I think I went into denial a bit, so was still the first one to offer to open a bottle at a party even though the pain was searing. And I carried on blowdrying even though I had to take painkillers after I’d finished. I put up with the pain because I did not want to draw attention to the fact that I had arthritis - the thought that people might believe that I was not 100% capable was just too awful to bear.

Of course I looked around for other ways to help, such as taking a two tablespoons of cider vinegar a day, drinking pineapple juice and taking coconut oil. They seemed to alleviate the pain, although that might have been psychosomatic, but I knew the weren’t going to stop my arthritis progressing.
Really I had given up hope.

 However, one day I was writing about how Redermilization-mesotherapy helped with ageing hands. Apparently stars like Madonna are fans of the treatment, which costs £250 for a course, in which the hands are injected with a series of micro-injections, made up of skin-plumping collagen and elastin. Helping treat lines/ wrinkled hydrating the hands .

The treatment takes from 15 minutes to three quarters of an hour, depending on your age and the severity of the skin damage. It can be administered by injection or by the virtually pain-free meso-gun. 

I’ve talked to various doctors and practitioners who administer mesotherapy and there’s no real consensus on which method is best, so the jury is still out. 
Andrew Hansford, the aesthetic practitioner and educator who teaches Redemizations, says treatment should be tailored to the individual client. His preference is for the gun, as it’s painless and easy to administer, plus there’s no down time. “It’s like using a whole pot of expensive hand cream but half the price and with better results,” he tells me.

Andrew  Hansford 

Doing my homework, what struck me was that the treatment was originally created to help arthritis, tendonitis, eczema and even asthma. In cosmetic terms, it also helps hair growth and loss, as well as spot fat removal and photo-ageing. 
The treatment originated in France but is popular in Russia, where it is said that women will forgo their shopping in order to have their mesotherpay done!

Andrew suggested that he freshened up my hands with the meso-gun but said they weren’t in particular need of treatment. He would have to inject directly into the finger with the arthritis and he warned the results weren’t guaranteed and could be painful. It would also need repeating two weeks later and a top-up every three months.

Andrew Hansford with Linda Gray

My hands were having a bad day so I was happy to try anything that might help. The mesa-gun did not hurt but felt like my hand was under a small sewing machine. I was a little shocked to see blood appear on my hands but Andrew cleaned it up as he went along and assured me it was completely normal.

The mesotherapy Gun 

Andrew injected my arthritic finger with a needle. Normally he would use numbing cream before injecting directly into the hands but as it was only one finger, we skipped that part. It was not painful but what shocked me was my finger popped as the meso went in, although this was just the product filling in the damaged area of my finger.

I can’t praise the treatment too highly - the constant pain I’d been suffering subsided almost immediately, not to mention the fact that my hands looked younger and fresher. There was more movement in my finger and I was so happy I just wanted to skip out of the room!

Andrew warned me the pain might return but today I am typing away and still feel amazing. I will definitely be going back for a top-up in two weeks. 
Anyone suffering from arthritis should really consider this treatment - it could restore more than just youth to your hands. 

Andrew Hansford 
07814 741055  
prices by consultatio

Andrew Hansford

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Self-help expert Dr Pam Spurr’s Five Top Beauty Tips –

Let’s face it, what’s most important is what’s on the inside. But it lifts your mood when you look after yourself on the outside too!
Here are my five top beauty tips:

1/ Always carry your eye cream in your bag. I apply mine multiple times per day - especially being a ‘smiley’ person it helps keep that delicate area moisturised.

2/ Exfoliate once a week – I alternate between an exfoliator with granules and an exfoliating mask. It can overstimulate your skin if you exfoliate more frequently than this. But leave it too long and your skin will lack lustre with the build-up of dead cells.

Dr Pam with Rylan on the set of #CBB

3/ Always use sunblock, even on a cloudy day! (I wish I’d started this sooner!) The sun’s rays can penetrate cloud cover and damages your skin.

Dr Pam out and about with Steven Smith

4/ Change-up your face products every few months. I absolutely believe that just as with shampoo, your skin gets ‘used’ to having the same products applied. Good to shake things up and try a new range.

5/ After damage to the back of my hands from a serious skin infection (after being bitten by spiders) I found that mesotherapy treatment on them from Dr Iryna has helped smooth out the damaged tissue. The great thing about this treatment is it can be applied to all sorts of areas like your d├ęcolletage and facial skin.

Dr Pam Spurr is an award-winning radio presenter, TV guest/pundit, self-help and relationship expert, and life coach. She can be found on Twitter @DrPamSpurr and online at

She regularly appears as a contributor on countless TV programmes including, for 13 years, being one of the main resident experts on the Big Brother spin-off shows, she is a regular phone-in expert for This Morning, Loose Women, LK Today, Daybreak, GMB, The Wright Stuff, BBC Breakfast, etc.
Pam is doing a run of Saturday night talk shows the Talk Radio at present and has previously presented shows on Heart FM London for five years and LBC 97.3 for four and a half years. She can be heard on radio weekly as a freelance contributor and presenter – most recently having presented a month long special for BBC radio western regions on Saturday and Sunday nights, a week-long daily special contributing to BBC regionals across the regions, and she has a weekly slot on a Heart FM region.
Dr Pam writes on a weekly basis for national newspapers and has had, for five years, a highly successful online sex and relationship column with the Sun, but also gives quotes and writes feature articles for the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, the Express, and The Times.
Pam also writes for a variety of magazines giving quotes to outlets from Heat to Take a Break, from Cosmo to Glamour, and more.
She writes about everything from celebrity behaviour analysis, dream analysis, sex, love, dating and relationships, to anxiety and phobias. Pam is regularly on radio talking about these types of topics and more.


Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Could it be Magic ?
By Steven Smith

Christina Estrada and Doctor Gabriela

Late last year my friend Rhea Elliot Jones invited me to the glittering opening of Doctor Gabriela’s new aesthetic clinic at 56 Harley Street.

Rhea Elliot Jones and Doctor Gabriela

Dr Gabriella is a favourite among the society, celebrity and showbiz crowds, and prides herself on her eclectic clientele. She can even lay claim to having royalty among her clients. Whether royalty or a commoner, everyone is catered for with the utmost confidentiality, enjoying treatments that are specially tailored to each individual case, but still affordable.

Me at the launch

Originally from Poland, she is a leading light in the anti-ageing medicine field and is responsible for introducing some of the most innovative non-invasive treatments into the UK. These include the GloToxT injectable facelift and MoonlightDustTM, the molecular water facial. She is also a member of the select group of master injectors. 

Among the clients and friends at the glitzy opening night was former model Christina Estrada and Raef BJayou, a former candidate on The Apprentice. They mixed with Hollywood agents and even a prince.

Event organiser and socialite Rhea Elliot Jones with celebrity guests

One of the highlights of the night was being serenaded by the operatic tenor Andrew Amdur and his brother Maurice, clairvoyant to the stars, was on hand to give readings too.

Everyone was eager to try Dr Gabriela’s skin care range, which looked very impressive. When she heard I was a former celebrity hairdresser, she was keen for me to sample the men’s hair products, as well as the skin care range.

1. Magic Rain Molecular Hydra Mist - Moonlight Dust
2. Anti-hair loss Serum - Moonlight Dust 
3. Beauty Facelift Serum - cosmetic line for men

Doctor Gabriela being interviewed by the press

Although I am in my fifties, I am lucky not to be follically challenged. But at this time of year, like many other people, my hair starts to fade and shed so I was happy to try it out.

After washing my hair and using my usual conditioner, I applied the Magic Rain, followed by the Anti-hair loss serum, which I gently massaged in. I was concerned at first as my hair, which has some highlights in it, felt a little dry. However, once I started to dry my hair it looked very shiny and full and kept its style longer.   

As I used the products over the next few weeks my hair seemed to grow faster. My friends noticed and one asked if I was taking anything for it. Using the combination certainly kept the style in place and my hair felt thicker. 

Of course, being a man who's always out and about, I loved the Beauty Facelift Serum – a few drops and I was ready to go.

 It’s the perfect present for the man in your life – or for yourself! I wish Dr Gabriela the very best of luck with her clinic and can’t wait to try more of her skin care range.

To order: Skin Care Cosmetic Products by Harley Street Dr Gabriela