Monday, 3 July 2017

A Day at Vie Aesthetics one of the UK'S leading clinics .

A Day at Vie Aesthitics one of the UK's leading clinics 
with guest writer  Vicky Grammatikopoulou 

Welcome to Vie Aesthetics. in this short clip you can take  a look inside our Southend Clinic and meet aesthetic doctor to the stars Dr Ioannis Liakas and the team. 

Watch top model/ actress Samantha Tomlin, actress/model Nicole Gibson, Model Agency owner/businesswoman Jana Forster, and Addiction Therapist   Michael Power have some of our advanced medical aesthetic treatments including our famous signature VIElift. At the Vie Aesthetics clinics in London Harley Street, Southend, Rayleigh Essex, and in Waiblingen Germany, you have access to the newest, advanced and cutting-edge non-surgical treatments available, whilst you can rest assured of being in the safe hands of an experienced specialist doctor.

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It is no coincidence that most new clients come to us through patient referrals- with us you can be sure of the care and expertise of the team, especially if you value the continuity of care with the same doctor. When you enter our clinic, you are met by a welcoming and warm team in a stylish and relaxing atmosphere, making sure that your visit is a pleasant experience.

We know that information is key to making the right choices about your treatment and that is why we offer free, full and comprehensive consultations. Every client is special to us and we take the time to listen carefully to your needs, we offer advice, and together we explore all suitable options and combinations of procedures for you in order to create your own tailor-made and personalised treatment plan. At Vie Aesthetics we place great importance on aftercare and we offer all our clients a free follow-up appointment.

What do we offer?

At Vie Aesthetics you can find a wide range of both standard treatments like Injections for Lines and Wrinkles, Lip Fillers and Dermal Fillers, and the more advanced non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures for women and men of all ages like nose correction, eyelid lift, Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) therapy, Silhouette Soft thread lift, PDOs, re-shaping of nose and face, liquid facelifts, mesotherapy, ultrasonic lipo-cavitation and Aqualyx slimming treatments. Medical treatments include treatment for sweating (hyperhidrosis), for migraines, removal of thread veins, tattoos, moles, scars, pigmentation and skin tags. we are strong

We are also unique in that we offer a complete system of natural, autologous and non-surgical treatments, our VIE NATURAL line to lift, rejuvenate, volumise, remodel, and restore the face and body. With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and Plasma Gel Bio-Fillers as well as Soft Surgery® we offer innovative and non-invasive solutions for all skin types with spectacular result.

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